Caravan & Trailer Electric Brake Installation

Any towed trailer or caravan that weighs 1000kg or more must be fitted with independent brakes, with electric brakes being the most common.

To operate, electric brakes require an electric current from a brake controller mounted in your car. Normally connected to the stop lights from the switch at the brake pedal, the brake controller senses when you’ve depressed the brake pedal. This sends a signal to the towed trailer or caravan which activates a magnet to apply the brakes.

It’s important to check the operation of trailer and caravan electric brakes regularly, especially before long trips. Every 6mths is a good interval for most recreational trailers if you tow frequently tow heavy loads it should, of course, be done more often.

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Electric Brakes Installation in Caravans and Trailers

It is essential to have brakes installed on a caravan or trailer if you are towing on behind your vehicle. If you do not have brakes installed on the caravan or trailer you are towing behind your vehicle, this could prove to be extremely unsafe for you to drive around with it as it could result in an accident and serious injury for the people involved in it. If the trailer or caravan you are towing has a weight of 1000kg or greater, it is necessary for it to have independent brakes fitted on it. The most common choice for the independent brakes to have installed on a towed caravan or trailer is electric brakes.

If you are in need of electric brakes for caravan and trailer installation, then Julz Auto Electrix can help you make that a reality quickly, efficiently and conveniently. The reason that these electric brakes are the most popular option is because they are the most efficient choice. They work with the help of a brake controller mounted in the car towing the caravan or trailer. This is typically connected to the stop lights from the switch located at the brake pedal. The brakes operate because the controller is able to sense when the brake pedal has been depressed and it sends a signal towards the towed caravan or trailer, which then uses a magnet to apply the brakes.

The installation of electric brakes for a caravan or trailer by a brake specialist in Melbourne is an extremely effective way to make towing a caravan or trailer as safe and simple as possible. Electric brake controller installation is available from our brake specialists in Melbourne at Julz Auto Electrix, who can help you step by step throughout the entire process of going through your electric brakes for caravan and trailer installation from start to finish. They can answer all of your questions and have the entire system properly installed for you, including the caravan electricbrake controller. They will explain to you how everything works so you are aware of exactly how the system is implemented while you are driving a car towing a caravan or trailer behind it safely.

If you are going to have electric brakes for caravan and trailer installation done on your caravan on trailer in order to safely and effectively tow it behind your car, it is essential that you keep in mind the importance of checking how the trailer and caravan electric brakesare operating on a regular basis. This is especially important to ensure that you do before heading out of the area for a long trip. A good estimate of at what interval you should check the operation of your trailer and caravan electric brakes is around every 6 months, so long as you are driving it recreationally and not very frequently. However, if you are frequently towing your caravan or trailer, or if your caravan or trailer is carrying heavy loads, then you should definitely remember to check your brakes more frequently. The brake installation specialist working with you will be able to show you how to check your brakes if you ask them for their advice.