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Servicing the Western suburbs of Melbourne

Auto Electrical Diagnostics and Repair

The electrical system is in control of routing power and information, directing the vehicle’s systems to run correctly. These systems are intricately designed and consist of linking wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and relays. When the electrical system does not work, most likely the car misfires, stalls or stops.

If your vehicle seems as if it is not running correctly, hesitates or even ceases to run, there may be an electrical problem involving loose wiring, broken wires, connectors or switches, or poor pin fits.  Proper diagnostics from a certified and experienced mobile auto electrician efficiently identifies issues within your vehicle’s electrical system.

At Julz Auto Electrix, we service the electrical systems and diagnose all electrical faults of any make and model of vehicle.  Julz Auto Electrix services all electrical systems and diagnoses all electrical faults. We have the latest tools to connect to your vehicle so that we can diagnose virtually any auto electrical issue.

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What We Do

Our automotive electrical and diagnostic repairs include:

Electrical Repairs and Diagnostics in Melbourne

In a vehicle, the electrical system is the part of the car that controls the routing of power and information and ultimately directs all of the systems working within the vehicle to run properly and as they are supposed to. All of the systems involved in this process are designed intricately to interact with one another perfectly; they consist of linking wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and relays. If the electrical of a vehicle stops working properly or as it is supposed to, then the most common results are the car misfiring, stalling or stopping.

If your vehicles is showing signs of any of these systems, it might be time to have us at Julz Auto Electrix take a look at it and determine if the problem lies within the electrical system so we can give you your options for having it repaired.

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If you find that your vehicle feels as if it is running differently than it normally does, or if something just feels wrong about the way that your vehicle is driving, or if it hesitates or ceases to run, then one probable cause is that it could end up being an electrical problem. Such a problem might involve loose wiring, broken wires, connectors or switches, or poor pin fits. One of our certified and experienced mobile auto electricians here at Julz Auto Electrix can take a look at your vehicle and run diagnostics on it in order to determine exactly what the problem is. This will allow them to efficiently identify the issues that are occurring within your vehicle and it’s electrical system.

At Julx Auto Electrix, we are able to service any type of electrical system with your vehicle and are fully capable of diagnosing any electrical fault that your vehicle may be experiencing, regardless of its make or model. At Julz Auto Electrix, we service all electrical systems and are able to diagnose any and all electrical faults. With the latest tools at our disposal to allow us to connect them to your vehicle and determine what the problem is, we are able to identify the issue right the first time, every time, on virtually any electrical issue. This means that you do not need to worry about wasting money fixing things that didn’t really need to be fixed until your vehicle begins running properly again. Rather, we will identify what needs to be fixed properly right away, make the repair, and your vehicle will be running as good as new once more.

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When something is going wrong with your electrical system in your vehicle and it requires a repair or replacement of certain parts, it is important to ensure that you are working with a qualified auto electrician that you can trust to do things right the first time, rather than run up your bill with unnecessary expenses until they finally manage to repair the thing that needed repairing in the vehicle.

It is essential to be able to trust your auto electrician, which is something that we strive to provide to each of our clients here at Julz Auto Electrix. Because we care about the outcome of each and every repair or replacement we perform, we ensure to only use the highest quality materials and be extremely thorough in each of our practices. We never cut corners because we want to ensure that things are done exactly are they are supposed to do to ensure a quality and long lasting repair on your vehicle so you will not be calling us again for anything else anytime soon after your most recent repair.

If the repair that needs to be performed on your vehicle is one that makes it unsafe to drive and you are worried about how you are going to get your vehicle into the shop in order to be looked at, diagnosed and repaired, then worry no more! For this reason, we provide a service in which we go to you in order to repair your vehicle. Give us a call to ask if we are able to service you in your area. We do this so you do not need to factor in the cost of having your vehicle towed to our shop into the expense that it will cost to have your car repaired. It saves you a lot of money to not have to run up the bill with the expense of towing, and it is also a lot more convenient for you to not have to leave your home in order to have your car seen to.

So if your vehicle is showing any signs or symptoms that it is in need of an electrical repair, give us a call so you can get a diagnosis to find out what it going on with it. We at Julz Auto Electrix are fully capable of helping you out with any repair or replacement that might be necessary, and after diagnosis, we will let you know what all of your options are and give you a professional opinion on how it is recommended that you proceed. Work with a company who cares about you and will only give you the most high quality service and materials.

If you need any more information about the services we provide, or if you would like to make an appointment to have your vehicle’s issue diagnosed, give us a call to get started on the process of getting your car running like it is as good as new once more. It will be running like brand new in no time and without running up your bill with unnecessary expenses!

We have the knowledge, experience, and most of all, care to diagnose and repair the electrical issue with your vehicle. For more information or to make an appointment to diagnose your vehicle’s electrical system, please call us at 0419 895 041.

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