Car Battery Replacement & Dual Battery Systems

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Mobile Car Battery Replacement

The battery is a vital part of your car’s electrical system and should be regularly maintained and tested to avoid your vehicle failing to start. Car batteries typically need replacing every 3 years.

The cause of a flat battery may be the battery itself or another component of the charging system.

Car battery replacement can be confusing with so many different options. Our expert knowledge of car batteries means we can choose the best battery option for any make or model.

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Dual Battery Installation

Installing a second battery to the vehicle is by far the best approach to powering accessories such as a fridge winch and lighting.

Dual battery systems provide additional reliability and extend battery life.

Because your vehicle’s starting battery can be isolated from the appliances, it will never be drained or subject to regular heavy discharge which drastically shortens the life of starting batteries.

The second battery (usually a deep cycle) charges when your car is running. Should there be an issue with your starting battery, switching off the isolator can get your vehicle started from the second battery, especially useful for 4WD enthusiasts.

One of the most vital aspects of your vehicle is its battery. It is essential to your car’s electrical system and it is recommended that you have your car battery regularly maintained and tested; otherwise, as a result, you may have trouble getting your vehicle to start, which is a stressful scenario in which you would surely want to avoid. In most cases, it is recommended by experts that you have the battery of your car be replaced every 3 or so years.

If you find that your battery has gone flat, your car will not be able to start as a result. In many situations, you will find that car electricians recommend that you have your battery replaced at this point. The battery, however, might not actually be your problem. It is possible that another component of your vehicle’s charging system is the thing that is giving you trouble, so in order to avoid a waste of money in replacing the battery only to find that it wasn’t your problem in the first place, it is a good idea to have the charging system checked first to ensure that the charging system is not actually the problem. At Julz Auto Electrix, every highly qualified and experienced auto electrician here will be sure to ensure that the battery is actually the problem before replacing it, so you aren’t paying any unnecessary costs to run up your bill at the end of the day.