Car Air Conditioning Regas, Service & Repair

Whether it’s roasting hot or freezing cold outside, your car air conditioning system should be in perfect running order. Regular car aircon regas and servicing will avoid costly repairs. For example, hoses and seals can dry out or crack, leaking coolant. A leaky hose could cause poor performance and eventually damage to major components.

Running your car air conditioner in winter removes humidity from the air and can help clear a foggy windscreen quickly. This also helps to keep the system in good working order by keeping the gas and oil circulating extending the life of the seals. Your car air conditioning system consists of a condenser and fan, compressor, expansion valve, evaporator and blower, and associated wiring and hoses.

With the latest equipment and knowledge in car air conditioning, we can diagnose, repair or service any air conditioning components. We also regas car air conditioning with R134a gas (the latest non-flammable and ozone friendly air-conditioning gas).

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Car Air Conditioning Re-Gas in Melbourne

We at Julz Auto Electrix know how unpleasant a drive in your car can be if the air conditioning is not working. The hot, stale air can be suffocating, particularly if you have a long drive ahead of you without the breezy circulation of air that an air conditioning system in your vehicle is intended to provide. This is why, if your car air conditioning needs a re-gas service in Melbourne, you probably want to have that handled as soon as possible so you can go back to driving your car around as normal without feeling the heat get to you on the hot days in Melbourne.

We at Julz Auto Electrix know everything there is to know about car air conditioning repairs in Melbourne. Because we have been in the business for so long, we know all of the ins and outs there are and have seen everything before. This means that we know exactly how to handle the issue that you are experiencing with your vehicle and can fix it quickly, efficiently, and get the repair right the first time!

Particularly on hot days, you do not want to be going without your auto air conditioning as you drive around your area. It can make the experience of traveling a lot less pleasant, so this is definitely an issue that most people want handled as quickly as possible. Fortunately, if you need car air conditioning re-gas in Melbourne, then this is a perfectly normal maintenance requirement for your vehicle and we know how to fix the issue quickly and without any issue so that way you can be back on the road once more in no time with your ice cold air conditioner blasting as normal.

However, if you have an issue with your air conditioning that is more serious than a simple need for re-gas, then we are also well versed in the ways of car air conditioning repairs and can quickly diagnose the issue and have it fixed just as quickly. We will be able to find out what is wrong with the air conditioning in your vehicle and after we get the thumbs up from you, we can set to work on making your air conditioning in your vehicle as good as new for you.

Auto air conditioning is a necessity for many people to have in their vehicles, and if something has gone wrong with yours, then you need not worry because Julz Auto Electrix is available to help you set everything straight. You can give us a call with any questions that you may have and we will help you through the process of getting your vehicle diagnosed as soon as possible, and then help you by fixing the problem for you without running into any issues. Whether it is a car air conditioning re-gas in Melbourne that you are looking for, or if your car’s air conditioner actually needs to undergo a repair, we know exactly how to help you through the process. Avoid downtime and losing your car for the day, our mobile auto electrician will come to you!