Car Charging System & Alternator Repairs

Car charging systems are important for reliable starting and vehicle operation. If your battery regularly runs out of charge, the dashboard battery indicator is on, or your car is blowing fuses, these are all signs your car charging system is faulty.

Your car charging system consists of the alternator, drive belts, battery, and associated wiring. Any of these components could be the cause of car charging problems. The alternator turns mechanical energy into electricity using the rotation of the engine’s drive shaft. Alternators require periodic inspection and maintenance.

A faulty alternator can either stop charging the battery or produce a high voltage reducing battery life. Often the battery is blamed when the actual cause is a faulty alternator, creating unnecessary car battery replacement expenses.

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Car Alternator Repairs in Melbourne

If you are experiencing issues with your car alternator, then this can have a serious impact on the performance of your vehicle and it is something that you should have looked at by an expert immediately.

A car with an alternator that is neglected may begin to become unreliable in not only vehicle operation, but also the vehicle’s ability to start at all. Some important signs that your vehicle is in need of attention include the battery indictor light on the dashboard turning on, the car blowing fuses, or the battery running out of charge regularly.

If any of these things are happening to your vehicle, your battery charging system may be faulty and your vehicle may need to undergo a car alternator repair in Melbourne.

Because a faulty alternator system can result in the battery draining too quickly, the battery often gets blamed as the culprit of the problem when it’s not. Our qualified electricians are trained to spot these things first in order to save you from the cost of replacing batteries when it is not necessary. Julz Auto Electrix is also able to save you money on the cost of a tow truck if you have a dead battery, as our mobile auto electrician can come right to you!

Regardless of if you need alternator repair or replacement, car battery replacement, rewriting or repair of the wires, or drive belt replacement, we at Julz Auto Electrix are up to the task and can definitely help you to get your vehicle back up and running in tip top condition without running up your bill with unnecessary expenses, such as battery replacement costs when it is not necessary because the alternator is the actual issue, or the cost of a tow truck because we are able to come to you to solve the problem!